Yoga in suits

yoga in suits

We at Yoga in suits, believe that when we feel good, we can be the BEST version of ourselves. That is why we aim to help you feel and perform better.

When we feel good, we feel balance. Balance between work and play, between spending and saving. We also need some kind of balance between stillness and movement, between strength and flexibility. We should not experience excess or lack of any of those things in our lives. Over time when we have been in balance, we support stronger self-image and confident individuals.

Yoga in suits becomes a reality


Yoga in suits became the result of my own need when I was still working full time in a bank in 2009. It wasn’t until the summer 2013 that I started, formally, offering the service to the market.
Eyglo Egils, owner and founder of Yoga in suits.


The poses are very simple and easy to do for anyone, even if one has no knowledge of yoga. The movements are designed to increase blood flow to the brain and the biggest muscles. Some muscles are stretched and others are strengthened and the joints receive a special care. Regular practice can increase energy levels and can also enhance work performance and overall happiness. Mindfulness and meditation- practices are done in each class. These exercises are even more important now because of the never-ending disturbance we experience throughout a normal day. 

For whom?

The yoga poses are done either sitting or standing. The routine is specially designed for those who do long hours of sitting, but anyone will be better off from doing the poses. Everyone wears their normal clothing for the class and not much space is needed. A cafeteria or a meeting room is usually a good fit for a group.

The teacher comes to your workplace and leads a class of 15-20 minute, it could fit perfectly into the coffee brake. It has never been easier to think about your health. You don’t need to change clothes or leave the building.

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