Eygló Egilsdóttir


Eygló first got acquainted with yoga at an early age through her mom, but it wasn’t until years later, in 2008, that she started practicing yoga on a daily basis. She wanted to deepen her own practice, so she signed up for a yoga teacher training – never with the intention of becoming a full time yoga teacher.

Within five years of her first real yoga class, she had resigned from her former life where she had worked in banking, and was now teaching her own yoga classes. In 2013 she founded Yoga in suits which has since grown bigger every year and is now offered by the Yoga in suits-staff in four different cities.

The main aim of Yoga in suits is to minimize or even eliminate the sedentary problems that arise after long hours of sitting and monotonous movements.

We were born to move a lot! Let’s incorporate movement into the daily life and we will have better lives.

Eygló has studied yoga and it’s benefits during various courses through the years. In 2011 she traveled to Thailand to study the Thai yoga massage technique. She is now one of few in Iceland that knows this method and gives private classes to customers.

Eygló runs the business on a day-to-day basis and teaches classes in the capital area.

Contact Eygló or send an email: eyglo@jakkafatajoga.is